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On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2017 | Firm News

First, thank you for taking the time to visit my page.  Second, I thought as a first blog, and as I work to establish this new solo firm, that it is important for you to know a little about me.  Law was not my first career, teaching was.  I spent 10 years in that amazing field until I decided that my passion needed to be refocused.  I returned to school and completed law school in 2014, becoming immediately licensed to practice law in New York.  As I journeyed through law school, I used my classes as a foundation to determine what type of law I wanted to practice.  While all the classes were interesting, it was not until I took Wills, Trusts, and Estates , in my second year that it all clicked.  I wanted to help clients have comprehensive estate plans so that they could have peace of mind knowing that their families were provided for upon their death, and that they were in charge of how those decisions would get made.  I spent my third year of law school interning and learning more about the field, and my first job out of law school focused on estate planning and elder care.  I switched firms about a year into working and became an associate attorney at my dream law firm.  I had researched it extensively while I was in law school, fascinated by their practice areas and the founding partner’s expertise in the field.  I was honored that when an opportunity arose that they contacted me to join them, and in this position was where I learned an immense amount of knowledge regarding planning for families and children with special needs.

When my husband’s company relocated our family to the Nashville area, I knew that it was a prime opportunity to branch out on my own and start my solo firm.  I took and passed the Tennessee Bar and was admitted early 2017.  I find great satisfaction in helping families develop their estate plans, setting up trusts to help a child with special needs maintain their benefits, allowing them to still qualify for benefits that they need for healthy, productive lives, or help a family through the probate process when a loved one passes away.   When parents are getting divorced, I value being offered the opportunity to help them divorce through mediation and find a way to successfully co-parent for the benefit of their children.

The field of law is not only about providing a legal service.  In the field in which I practice, it is about building relationships, developing trust, and helping families find a way to protect and care for what is most important for them.  I look forward to building these relationships now in Franklin, Tennessee and the entire Nashville area.  It is my goal to ensure that all people have a comprehensive and affordable estate plan that protects what is most important to them.  Please contact me to discuss how I can be of service to you.