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What Is A Conservatorship?

Guardianships and conservatorships exist to provide a means to appoint a trusted person to care for an individual who cannot care for him/herself. For an individual under the age of 18, it is called guardianship. For an individual over the age of 18, it is called a conservatorship.

Why Would Someone Need A Conservatorship?

Any person interested in the welfare of another person can begin a conservatorship. The process is different based on whether we decide a traditional or emergency conservatorship is appropriate. At JLCarey & Associates, PLLC, attorney JennyLynn Carey will walk you through all of the necessary steps in order to achieve guardianship or conservatorship of your loved one.

What Does A Conservator Do?

A person appointed as conservator is in a very highly regarded position of caring for another person’s health and/or finances. This means that a conservator will need to make decisions that the court finds necessary, and can range from making health care or long-term placement positions to managing financial accounts and applying for benefits for the person in need. Conservators are considered to be “fiduciaries”, and are obligated to care for the conservatee’s health and finances with the utmost care. Attorney JennyLynn Carey can help walk you through your obligations and responsibilities as a fiduciary.

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