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Why Mediation Might Be For You: Privacy

Divorce is something no one wants to go through. It can be costly and time-consuming, and especially emotionally and mentally draining. Litigation can mean that a judge will be making decisions for you and your future. Your private disputes are now out in the open to court staff and public records, if not handled properly. These factors can add to the stress of an already heated situation, and sometimes the outcome is not what you would have wanted.

Let Mediation Guide Your Process

Mediation is an informal process where the divorcing parties and a mediator gather together to work toward achieving one goal: settling the matter of divorce so each party can move forward. Mediators will listen to what matters most to each party with regard to assets, child-rearing, and mediation, and will help develop a divorce agreement and parenting plan that works best for all parties involved. This allows each person to let their voice be heard in the process, rather than letting the court decide.

Is Mediation The Right Choice?

In the state of Tennessee, all divorcing parties are required to attend mediation prior to having their matter heard before the court. The difference between finalizing the divorce during mediation and your divorce moving to litigation is whether you and your spouse can answer yes to the following:

– Are both of you willing to engage in productive conversation to reach a goal?

– Are you willing to be flexible and consider options that you may not have previously considered?

– Are you interested in settling your divorce more quickly and in a less costly manner?

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